Create and use shortcuts

Like the example before, creating a sepia effect using the options &f=grayscale&f0=brightness,-10&f1=contrast,-20&f2=colorize,120,60,0,0&sharpen can turn to be a bit large and hard to reuse. To ease using long lists of options you have the ability to create shortcuts by defining them in img_config.php.

This is how it looks in the default config file.

 * Create custom shortcuts for more advanced expressions.
 * Default values.
 *  shortcut: [
 *      'sepia' => "&f=grayscale&f0=brightness,-10&f1=contrast,-20&f2=colorize,120,60,0,0&sharpen",
 *  ]
'shortcut' => [
    'sepia' => "&f=grayscale&f0=brightness,-10&f1=contrast,-20&f2=colorize,120,60,0,0&sharpen",

This gives you one place of changing your favorite combination of options. You the use it like this, using the shortcut, sc option.

Use the shortcut for the sepia effect.