Community and issues

This is how to get in touch with people involved in the project.

#Ask questions and discuss

Chat and ask questions on Gitter.

Join the chat at

Or if you fancy irc.

  • irc://
  • irc://

Trouble- and feature requests

Use GitHub to report issues and make pull requests.

Always include enough information for anyone to repeat and test your issue.

  1. Describe very shortly: What are you trying to achieve, what happens, what did you expect.
  2. Option list used for img.php.
  3. The image used.

If you request a feature, describe its usage and argument for why you think it fits into CImage.

Feel free to fork, clone and create pull requests.

Build and code status

CImage is built on Travis.

Build Status

CImage is built and analysed on Scrutinizer.

Build Status

SensioLabsInsight is used to analyse the code. The status is currently on the branch to be the base for v0.8.