CImage depends upon PHP GD which is commonly installed as part of a PHP installation.

CImage supports PHP 5.3 up to version v0.7 and PHP 5.4 for v0.8.

CImage can load any type of image supported by your PHP installation through imagecreatefromstring(). This includes the formats JPEG, PNG, GIF, WBMP, and GD2.

CImage can save the image as JPEG, PNG or GIF.

Optional requirements

You need the EXIF extension to support auto-rotation of JPEG-images.

You need the CURL extension to support downloading of remote image.

The extension imagick needs to be installed to support conversion of any color space to sRGB color space.

You need to install command line tools like optipng, pngout, jpegtran and/or pngquant to support lossless and lossy post processing of the created image.