Select the source

Open an image through img.php by using its src attribute.


It looks like this.

A river, kodimg13.png, from The Kodak Colorset.

A river, kodimg13.png, from The Kodak Colorset.

#Images in directory structure

All images are stored in a directory structure and you access them as this.


You decide on the base directory for the images in your basic configuration.

Download remote image

You can configure to enable download of remote images, and then download and process them as an ordinary local image.


Read on implications on enabling remote image download.

Dummy image as placeholder

You can use a dummy source image as a placeholder and you can set its color.


It looks like this.



The default size of the dummy image is 100x100 and the default color is black.

There are options in the configuration file for the dummy image.

Alternate source as a backup image

You can use the option src-alt=image.jpg to supply a backup image if the first image is missing on disk.


You can configure to always supply a backup image if the source is missing.

Note that src-alt does not work together with remote images.