A new website for CImage

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Keep an eye on whats up.

Keep an eye on whats up.

I’ve been, still being, in the process of rewriting the documentation for CImage and the result should pop up here on this website.

The idea was to get its own website for CImage and creating a better base for improving and extending the documentation.

#Improve documentation

So, this is still work in progress, but the website is at least up and running and the documentation is in large ported from its original location at dbwebb.se/opensource/cimage.

It used to be one large file, making it hard to maintain and extend, so I splitted it into several parts instead, hopefully making it a bit more accessible and for sure easier to maintain.

You reach the documentation from the navbar at the top of the page.

#GitHub Organisation

I have prepared a GitHub organisation and intend to move my CImage related stuff there. I guess it will be more visible to put it in an organisation, lets see how it turns out.

I will not move CImage from mosbth yet, I need to check up on some things first.

For now this website lies there, thats a start.

#Codewise v0.8.0

Besides this website, and rewriting the documentation, am I in the start of version v0.8.0 which means a larger rewrite on how image scaling, crop and processing is done in the class CImage. It is far from done yet, but work has started.

I need to do that rewrite before introducing any new features, the code is becoming to hard to maintain, so rewriting a part of the “CImage brain” will fix that to make it easier to introduce more features.

So, for now.